How Many Backlinks Do You Need To Rank On Page #1?

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Patrick Babakhanian here from And in this video, I'm going to show you how I select my anchor text and also estimate how many backlinks I need to rank for a specific keyword.

And with that, I'm also able to calculate my costs to see how much it's going to cost me to rank for my site. Obviously, the costs will be different per person, because you could either do it yourself, which is going to save you more money, but it's going to take you more time, or you can outsource it to a link provider like SERPchampion or different link providers that have different prices.

So in this video, all I'm going to do is teach you how to choose anchor texts, and also estimate how many backlinks you need to rank your site. Now, for this example, I chose a keyword best portable basketball hoop, which has a search volume of 1,800.

Now, let's say you already set up your site, you already set up your on-page SEO, and you're on to link building.

Now before you purchase any link, it's highly recommended to do research and create a link building strategy because that's the best way to rank your site without any guesswork without overspending yourself and pulling out your hair.

Now, let's see what we got here. So the best portable basketball hoop, easy keyword, that's all great. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to scroll down on HREFs. And I'm going to look at the top 10 competitors for this keyword.

So this is number one, it's a featured snippet and also number three, four, five, six. Now, what's important here is we're going to compare what kind of anchor text our competitors are using.

Now, if you see an Amazon or a Walmart, ignore those, because these sites have very high domain rating and these are authority sites. So this is not good data to compare.

You want to look at affiliate sites or sites that have a low domain rating, as this site here. Bestoutdoorbasketball has a domain rating of three, hoops geek, 26. So it's safe to say that these sites are affiliate sites.

And if you want to check it out, you can always check it out and see if this is an affiliate site. Instantly I'm able to see that this is an affiliate site, especially for Amazon. So all the normal stuff that you usually see is present. And also cool to see that Walmart also has an affiliate program. So you could use that too.

And this is basically it. So what we're going to do is we're going to look at these pages and calculate the average of the backlinks they have. So from this page, 132, obviously, this is a home page. And home pages will typically have a lot more links and keywords they're ranking for.

So we want to look even more specific and look at the specific pages, the inner pages — for example, the hoops geek. We see 20 backlinks, we see 22 backlinks, and then we see one more site that has zero. And then we look at ballersguide, nine backlinks. And this is a homepage, and this is Dick's Sporting Goods.

We're not going to use that. So we know that if you optimize your page specifically for best portable basketball hoops, you're going to need around 20 to 25 quality backlinks. Now, this isn't even a guarantee that these sites are using quality backlinks, but we can check it out. We can look at the quality, right?

So these are low-quality keywords, low domain, low URL rating. And we know that these are pretty gibberish keywords, so they're not even that strong.

And the chances are, besides our using PBNs and they might be blocking HREFs. So you won't get the PBN links here. So what I would recommend is to use a tool called Open Link Profiler.

And this is a software that most SEOs forget to block. So we're going to click on getting data here. It's a free tool, and you're going to put in page title contains filter links. And then we're going to look at how many backlinks this specific page has.

And it doesn't have any, no. So safe to say that we're only going to be building around 20 to 25 quality backlinks. These could be guest posts, citations, web 2.0s, PBN links, press releases.

It could be anything that either builds up your brand anchor text and also has authority, like a PBN link or a guest post link, right? So now we kind of know, okay, this keyword needs about 20 to 25 quality backlinks.

Now we're going to decide on the anchor text. So we're going to click on backlinks here, here and here. And then I'm going to look at the anchor text part right here. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to decide for myself, what kind of keywords are they using.

So let's see, anchor text. We see a URL; we see a generic sentence, we see a non-text, and we see a URL again. So two URLs, one generic sentence, and one empty anchor text.

We're going to look at this one, let's see. Keyword, URL, another keyword. I see two keywords, and I see the URL, two URLs. Now we see one generic, let's say two generics with the name, and this, and one empty.
So as you can see here, this is already getting more specific, right?

We're getting a good glimpse of what people are using. So you see a keyword, generic, empty URL, keyword, URL, generic. So you're going to keep doing this and keep doing this until you get a good feeling, right?

So we see two generics, see two URLs, two keywords, one empty. And then I'm going to compare these two and calculate an average and decide for myself, okay.

For this specific page, with 20 to 25 backlinks, I'm going to calculate a percentage of 60% of the brand, for example, 20% of URL, 10% of generic, and 10% of empty anchor texts.

So I'm going to make it my own. Now, this is the easiest way to find out what kind of anchor text to use, and how many backlinks you should build for this specific page.

You literally look at your competitors on the first page. Why? Because they're doing something that's working, and it's living proof that it's working. The funny thing is these competitors also have a similar type of anchor text, which is a double or triple confirmation of what kind of anchor texts to use for this specific page. So let's do it real quick.

So as you can see here, they're using two keyword anchor texts, right? So what I would do is I would do the best portable basketball hoop and then portable basketball hoops. And then I would mix it in with, let's say, four URLs. So it would be four URLs, and then I would do probably let's say eight brands.

Two empty anchor texts. And then I would go on and on. Obviously, we want to create 20 to 25 backlinks and calculate the percentage, and that's about it.

So I hope this is really clear to you. I hope I taught you something really helpful because this is a question I get all the time. How many backlinks do I need? What kind of anchor text should I use, and how much is it going to cost me to rank for this keyword?

Again, your cost is going to depend on which provider you're going to use or if you're going to do it yourself.

But at least now you know how many backlinks to use and what the estimate is of that quantity, and also what kind of anchor text to use. Now, if you have any questions, simply send me a messag to, and we'll get back to you.

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