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How This Works

Our standard operating procedure  is carefully documented, and followed to ensure quality placements and results in Google.


Step 1:
Choose Link Package

You can choose one of our niche edits packages here.

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Step 3:
We Find Ranking Content

We'll scan the web for articles that are aged & have SEO value. Then we'll reach out for a link.

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Step 2:
Submit Your URL

You'll need to fill in your Website URL and anchor text after your purchase.

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Step 4:
Get Links Within 30 days

Our turnaround time ranges from 2 to 4 weeks, after receiving your order details.

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Get Mentioned in Top-Ranking Articles In Your Niche

A niche edit is a hyperlink inserted into an existing article or page on the website. As opposed to guest posts, you do not need to create a new post when performing this type of editing.

We specifically scan the website for top-performing articles, and we reach out to the webmasters to get our links inserted in them.

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Top-Performing Articles

Only placed in niche-relevant articles with SEO value.

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Sites with Traffic

We only place on websites that generate real organic traffic.

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Boost Your Organic Rankings
Faster with Lower Costs

Niche edits boost your rankings and are affordable to purchase, making them the perfect supplemental link building strategy on top of guest posts. This service will give you an opportunity to get mentioned in top-ranking articles that not only provide SEO value but referral traffic to your brand.

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GEO-Targeted Links

This strategy will give your site a competitive edge in the SERPs.

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Unique Listings

We will check for existing placements & avoid duplicates.

Choose Niche Edit Package to Get Started


We'll place 5 niche edits links in niche-relevant articles.
Included in this package
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2x DA30 Links
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1x DA40 Link
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1x DA50 Link
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1x DA60 Link
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In-Content Placements
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1,000+ Site Visitors
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Duplicate Site Check
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Real-Time Order Progress
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Turnaround Time: 2 - 4 weeks


We'll place 10 niche edits links in niche-relevant articles.
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2x DA30 Links
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3x DA40 Links
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3x DA50 Links
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2x DA60 Links


We'll place 15 niche edits links in niche-relevant articles.
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4x DA30 Links
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4x DA40 Links
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4x DA50 Links
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3x DA60 Links



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100% Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a money-back guarantee to customers that we can't get deliver the order for. Our goal is make each client happy, which means we're going to do everything in our power - including offering 100% of your payment back if we can't fill in your order - because at the end of day, all unhappy clients just cost us more than everyone else.

A money-back guarantee is a rare occurrence for service providers, however we're confident in our products and services.

Hear what our amazing customers say

"Solid platform for guest posts"

Their marketplace makes it easy to find brands to partner with, and their custom solutions have let us deliver high end campaigns for our clients.

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Therrol Jezierski
SEO Specialist

"World-class customer service"

I highly recommend SERP Pro if you are serious about taking your website needs to the next level.

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Nathan P
VP of Growth at Facebook

"Outstanding Experience with a Professional Company"

This company is great to work with. A very quick service, responsive, and effective. Communication is top-notch.

Sherilyn Colleen
Analytics Lead at YouTube

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your questions, contact us here with your feedback or concerns.

What is a niche edit?

Niche edits are hyperlinks inserted into an existing article or page on a website. As opposed to guest posts, a niche edit does not require you to write an article.

How does SERP Pro build niche edits?

We have an over-the-shoulder tutorial on how we build quality niche edits to websites.

Do I need to build niche edits to rank my site?

Building links to your site is a common practice in SEO, and companies that use them significantly outperform those who don't.

You can use niche edits to supplement your link profile and mix it with guest posts, citations and press releases.