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Domain: Clio-home.com
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Niche: Home Improvement
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SEO Metrics: DA29 DR17 RD159
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Domain Registration: 2002

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A brandable DA29/DR17 domain in the hot home improvement market. This domain was registered in 2002, and has accumulated quality links for 19 years. If you're launching a home improvement website, or powering up your existing one, this domain is the right fit for you.


This domain has backlinks from big sites like CBSnews, Variety, NYmag, ElleDecor, Martha Stewart and more. These links are worth tens of thousands of dollars, and are extremely hard to get.


  • Build an affiliate website or 301 redirect it to your site.
  • Promote local home services and rent your pages to local professionals like plumbers, electricians and contractors.
  • Promote affiliate offers that promote DIY work or power tools on Amazon Associates or other networks.

What does this domain buy you?

  • It buys you 19 years of time, and accumulation of amazing backlinks in the home niche
  • It saves you money on building or buying backlinks to build up your link profile
  • It gives you an awesome named with the keyword "Home" in the name. Google loves to see the main keyword in the domain name because the Algorithm instantly understands that your site is about Home. The easier it becomes for Google to understand, the easier it will become to rank this domain for home keywords.

All of this for only $600!

What happens after I purchase this domain?

After the purchase, we will start with the domain transfer process. We will ask for your username and email of the current managing domain registrar. The transfer process should not take longer than 24 hours.

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$ 600 USD

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