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Introducing: The Blogger's Aftermarket, we connect you with thousands of bloggers and help you get featured on authority sites for wholesale rates.

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Access to Thousands of Sites

Connect with industry-leading bloggers in your niche, and get featured on their site.

Avoid Overpaying for Backlinks

Avoid overpaying for high mark ups per link.

Real-Time SEO Metrics

SERP Pro displays the most recent SEO & traffic stats of every listed blog.

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Filter by SEO or Traffic Stats

Search through thousands of blogs with our smart marketplace filters.

Automated Website Suggestions

Create a project, and fill in your main niche. We'll email you with new sites that match your criteria.

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Get Free Backlinks every month

As a premium member, you'll receive free backlinks every month + additional discounts on other SEO Services.

Make Offers to Bloggers & Get The Best Deal

Agency members will be able to negotiate on the price, if absolutely needed.

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Your Personal Site Blacklist

Avoid getting duplicate links and hide them from our marketplace.

A backlink marketplace that saves you thousands of dollars in linkbuilding costs.

#1 Link Marketplace with No High Markups

Get access to thousands of blogs looking for content. Pay the blog's asking fee when we connect you to them and let us do all the work for you! Save time and money by connecting directly with bloggers through our platform.

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Save money on overpriced link placements
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We'll write a 1,000 word article
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You pick the sites, we do the work

Get Featured on Industry-leading Blogs

A lifehack to spend your time more wisely and get the most out it? Use SERP Pro for all of your linkbuilding campaigns! Save money with no hassles or headaches - all while getting an increased online presence in the search engines.

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Spam-free placements
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Sites with high organic traffic
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Fast turnaround time
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Hear what our amazing customers say

"Delivers high end campaigns for our clients!"

Tried many agencies and most rehash the same crap. Their marketplace makes it easy to find brands to partner with, and their custom solutions have let us deliver high end campaigns for our clients.

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Therrol Jezierski
SEO Marketer

"Excellent communication from the start"

A very good experience. Excellent communication from the start, all work required clearly laid out in terms of timescales etc.
Would happily work with again

Clare Nicholas

"Very professional and effective"

Very professional and effective Linkbuilding Service. We came across SERPchampion and used them for our SEO and very quickly we noticed improvement in our Google ranking. Patrick knows what he is doing. Keep it up!

Simon Schmid
SEO Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

Hoe does this marketplace work?

SERP Pro connects you with thousands of bloggers in your niche.

You sign up to a monthly first; then, you get access to our exclusive guest post marketplace. When you get access, you pay wholesale rates per link with no high mark ups.

Can I provide my own content?

Yes, you can provide your own content. Simply choose that option on the Checkout form, and we will subtract a $50 content fee per guest post from your total.

How much are the placement fees?

The placement fee is a combination of the blogger's asking price, content creation and the processing fee.

The fees range between $130 to $999, depending on the blogger's price. If you provide your own articles, then $50 per post will be subtracted from the total order.

What is the turnaround time?

We can get your articles placed between 1 to 20+ business days, depending on the size of your order, blogger's response time and special requests.