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What are expired domains?

Expired domains are domain names that an individual, company or organization have bought through a domain registrar but were not renewed after one year.

That means the expired domain name becomes available for re-registration, and anyone can re-register the same domain. Before a domain expires, you can also buy on marketplaces, like GoDaddy Auctions, NameJet, Domainchamp or Sedo.

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What is a premium domain?

A premium domain name is a catchy, memorable short name that's already registered to an individual or organization.

Typically, these premium domains contain one or two words in the name. The price of these domains can range anywhere from 3 figures to 7 figures depending on the demand.

Premium domain names are being resold at a premium rate, and domainers even register specific domains to resell them later.

4 Ways To Use Expired Domains

Expired domains are a great way to build your website and take advantage of SEO value. But there are also other ways to monetize them. Here are a few examples:


Starter Website

Build a site on the domain with the intent of getting its SEO transferred over to it.

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Buy & Flip

Buy expired domains for a lower price in auctions and flip them for a profit

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301 Redirections

Use 301 redirects that will transfer the current SEO value from an expired domain's to your site

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Private Blog Networks

Private blog networks - sites where you own them and use them solely for sending links back at yourself, so they rank better in the search engines.

How To Value A Domain Name

Domain valuation is a tricky subject.  It’s almost seen as subjective because a premium or expired domain can be worth more for one person, and not so much for another.

Domain prices can range from 3 to 7+ figures. Here are the main valuation indicators that we take into account before purchasing a domain:

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Name of the domain - Is it a one-word, two-word domain name? Is it catchy or memorable?
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Niche - Is the domain name targeting an in-demand, hot niche?
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SEO Value - Does the domain have a good amount of high authority backlinks pointed to it?
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Traffic Value - Does the domain generate any organic or direct traffic?
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Search Volume / CPC - Does the name of the domain carry any search volume or CPC value?
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Potential / Utility - Are you using the domain for a major project or a simple affiliate blog?
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Comparable Sales - Like Real Estate, you can find similar domains with actual sales numbers.

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