Niche Edits: What Are They and How Do We Use Them To Rank On Page #1 Consistently.

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What is a niche edit?

Niche edits are hyperlinks inserted into an existing article or page on a website. As opposed to guest posts, a niche edit does not require you to write an article.

There are other terms used for niche edits too.

  1. Curated links
  2. Link insertions
  3. Broken link building

Are niche edits hacked or white-hat links?

Unfortunately, hacked links are a possibility where a hacker inserts a link on a website without the website owner’s approval.

There is also the “legit” way of acquiring niche edit links. You contact the blogger and ask if it’s possible to insert your link.

You can achieve this by finding broken links on the page and ask them to replace the broken link with your page or blog post (assuming it provides value to their readers).Or you can ask website owners for a new link placement by sending them a pitch via email.

Do niche edits work for increasing your rankings in the search engines?

In short, yes, they do work for increasing your rankings. Here are a few examples of SEO clients using our niche edit service:

Source: SEMrush

However, it’s very easy to miss the mark and get penalized by Google if you go crazy and build a ton of niche edits to your site.

Here’s what you need to be careful with when building niche edit links:

1. Anchor text selection: We prefer to keep our anchor text brandable and natural. It works excellent long-term.

2. Link velocity: Build a few links per month. Start slow and ramp up once your site is getting organic traffic.

3. Link diversity: Mix your niche edits with other link sources like citations, press releases, and guest posts.

4. Link source: Get links from high domain authority, established sites in your market.

Niche edits / Curated Links vs Guest Posting

Guest posts are one of the most popular link building techniques in the SEO industry. A guest post is an article that you write, and publish on a third-party website. A well-executed guest post contains informational and valuable content, with a hyperlink that refers back to your website.

There isn’t a choice between niche edits and guest posts. You can use both methods to diversify your backlink portfolio. They are extremely powerful in their own right.

How to build niche edits, link insertions or curated links?

We explain in the video above how to build the most powerful, relevant links you can find for your project.

Consistently, we’ve been achieving page #1 rankings because of this strategy (mixed with our other backlinks, remember link diversity!).
Build links at your own risk. Google doesn’t like it when you overdo it.

I’m going to show you two ways of building niche edits. The freeway and the paid way!

You’re going to need the following free extensions to get started:

Tool #1: MozBar Browser Extension to display the site’s domain authority
Tool #2: Browser Extension to retrieve website owner’s email

How To Build Niche Edits The Free Way (Our Overused But Effective Process)

Step 1: Find a website that you want your site to be featured on. You can easily find sites that accept guest posts or links by using google search operators.

What are google search operators?

Google search operators are a set of special characters and commands that extend the power of regular text searches. These advanced operators allow you to find even more specific results than usual while also making it easier for Google's algorithm to decipher your intent when searching.

Do you know the search queries you type into Google to get more information? Well, some special characters and commands extend the capabilities of regular text searches.

Search operators can be useful for everything from content research to technical SEO audits.

Whether you need to find potential link opportunities for backlinks, identify all of the PDFs on your site, or want to see what’s cached about yourself online – these search operators will come in handy every time!

Here are a few search engine operators that you can play with:

inurl: write for us “keyword”
inurl: contribute “keyword”
intitle: write for us “keyword”
intitle: submit post “keyword”

There are hundreds of search engine operators that you can use, and this is a brief example.

Step 2: Once you find the website you want to get featured on, you’ll have to find an existing article covering your topic.

You’ll have to type in Google the following search operator:

site: “your keyword”

This will show you all the pages, posts and archives of the website that contain the keyword.

Enable the Mozbar extension and look for their domain authority and page authority to find articles with backlinks.

Step 3: Once you find a great page you want your niche edit inserted, you’ll have to contact the website owner or editor. Enable the browser extension to find their email or find their contact us page. Pitch them your link, and typically, you should receive a reply if they are interested.

Don’t overthink this process.

Please keep it simple.

You won’t always get a reply from the blogger, or they will ask you to pay for it.

It happens. It’s the nature of the SEO business.

So be prepared!

How To Build Niche Edits The Paid Way

If you love using software to simplify your life like me, I would highly recommend using Ahrefs or SEMrush. Easily my two favourite SEO tools.
Ahrefs unlocks so much potential to build amazing backlinks through niche edits.


Ahrefs gives me the ability to find articles that receive backlinks AND organic traffic.

The holy grail of backlinks, ladies and gentlemen.

The combination of relevance + domain authority + organic traffic = the best backlink you can get.

Here’s how we do it:

Step 1: Find a website that you want your site to be featured on, as explained in the last paragraph.

Step 2: Insert the URL in Ahrefs, and click on Top Pages (you can find it on the left side of your screen).

Source: Ahrefs

Step 3: And voila, now you can find all pages or posts that receive real organic traffic and links

Source: Ahrefs

Now you go and contact the website owner or editor to get featured in that article.

How to Skip the Process and Outsource Niche Edits

You might be thinking.

“It’s a great process and all, but I don’t have time to do all of this, Patrick”.

Fair enough.

Instead, invest your time growing your business.

And we at SERPchampion understand that.

That’s why we offer hands-off solutions for our clients on our platform SERP Pro.

Patrick Babakhanian


Patrick Babakhanian is a serial entrepreneur with an extensive background in search engine optimization, website development and domain names.

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